Back to blogging…

As regular followers of my Blog will know – I have been very neglectful of late  – in fact I haven’t written anything since the 3lst May – and it’s now almost December!  My  2nd daughter – 18-year old Lucie – has put me to shame and is racing ahead in the fame stakes with her fab fashion blog with followers around the world.

So I can hardly believe the summer and autumn have passed – and the Xmas lights are already up in Bellac. What have I been doing all this time you may ask – surely it doesn’t take that long to write a few words?  But surviving the summer season in a busy chambres dhotes is certainly not  about ‘living the dream’.   There’s beds to be made (a-plenty!) & ensuites to be cleaned every day and new guests arriving at 4pm prompt! (I’ll have you know) throughout the whole season – whilst  juggling family commitments & trying to have some sort of  social life – without  having 1  day off (in 4 months!!) – or even a ‘grasse matinée – (maybe someone should start a national union for chambres dhotes owners?) something has to give – and that has sadly been this blog and the website – not forgetting the bags under my eyes which seem to have a life of their own!

So from now on we’re adopting the French attitude to work & life – going  ‘fermeture exceptionelle’ – that’s what the local businesses do around here in rural France when they feel they need a break – or maybe, they just can’t be bothered!  Who knows – but it does add rather a dramatic tinge when that hand-chalked sign goes on the front door – leaving potential guests to wonder what drama is unfolding behind those closed doors that they need to go ‘fermé’ for a full 24 hours!

Just as well they don’t – what would they say if they knew Madame just wanted some time to shave her legs and have a lie-in.  Not much to ask really – is it?  But hopefully, I’ll get back on track & let you know what the life of a chambres d’hotes owner is REALLY like….a bientot!