Back to blogging…

As regular followers of my Blog will know – I have been very neglectful of late  – in fact I haven’t written anything since the 3lst May – and it’s now almost December!  My  2nd daughter – 18-year old Lucie – has put me to shame and is racing ahead in the fame stakes with her fab fashion blog with followers around the world. So I can hardly believe the summer and autumn have passed – and the Xmas lights are already up in Bellac. What have I been doing all this time you may ask – surely it doesn’t […] Read more »

Spring into Summer

We’re now at the end of May and le temps pourris (the weather’s rubbish!) is a familiar cry around town as the French moan the terminal grey skies and non-stop rain – dont just think it’s us Brits who go on about the weather…the French are just as weather-obsessed – if not more so – as they feel hot, sunny days are their birthright. But coming from Glasgow (as I do) I used to think that having a summer wardrobe meant taking off your cardi!  But this year we seem to have bypassed Spring altogether but I’ve just checked the Meteo and it does look like […] Read more »

Changing rooms at the Maison Bellachonne

It’s been a busy old month here at the Maison Bellachonne – and I don’t just mean with guests – our room renovations have ran way over our expected schedule – so we had our own version of ‘Changing Rooms’ – ( you remember the BBC programme with Carole Smiley & Laurence what’s his name).  Well. with just 30 mins to go before our guests arrived, we had managed to put together a (very stylish!) flat-packed wardrobe, made up the bed (complete with plumped-up cushion from the Kylie Minogue interiors range), put up a curtain rail and cleared the room […] Read more »

Hope springs eternal at the Maison Bellachonne!

Spring is taking a long time to appear this year – and with Easter just two weeks’ away – everyone’s hoping for a rapid change to this bitterly cold spell which seems to have swept all over the UK and Europe. And with the Euro crisis continuing (this time in Cyprus!) – have noticed that our guests are leaving it to the last minute to book.  I guess the hospitality business is a good indicator of the economic climate – the French nervous of just what Monsieur Hollande has up his economic sleeve – plus des impots, that’s for sure […] Read more »

Renovation time chez nous

We’ve got the builders in at the Maison Bellachonne as part of our ongoing plans to renovate and improve the house for ourselves as a family and for our guests too.  So we’re creating a new bedroom ensuite on the top floor – ideal for business people/singles/one night stay guests.  This has also enabled us to create more space in the Cream Room (directly below) which means – at last! – we are able to remove the old lambri (pine-cladding) – previous owner’s bad taste I hasten to add, and transform it into the chic & classy room it was always  meant to […] Read more »

Making a lifestyle choice real

When people glimpse your French lifestyle, running a chambres d’hotes in a quaint medieval town & meeting people from all over the world, they often say to me ‘you’re living the dream – just like all those people on the TV lifestyle programmes’!  And it does make me stop and think what we have here – for which I am truly grateful…..and 3 and a half years on, we’re proof that it can be done. And the appeal of these UK programmes shows no abating –  in fact we are hosting a complete production crew for Channel 4  this weekend who […] Read more »