Saying ‘oui’ to wi-fi

Gone are the days when guests come to simply relax chez nous at our lovely chambres d’hotes in Bellac – often the first thing we are asked, as new arrivals come through the door is:  “Do you have wi-fi or how can we get on the internet?” Everyone, it would seem, these days has a smartphone, tablet or laptop – and they want to keep in touch with friends/family/business or maybe just want to plan the rest of their French adventure online.  But,  n’inquietez plus…..Maison Bellachonne is now a wi-fi hotspot (or hotspot gratuit) – rural France comes into the 21st century! […] Read more »

Autres temps….autres moeurs (Times change!)

We’ve just returned from a short break in the UK – as January & February are normally the quietest months chez nous at the Maison Bellachonne.  It’s always good to catch up with family and friends and – for me – stock up on magazines, creme eggs and Rimmel Anti-Fatigue foundation – the latter to keep the allure of an ever-youthful propriétaire!!  We even spotted our last house for sale again in the local estate agent’s window – and I felt a pang of sadness as to the old life we left behind (& what might have been had we stayed there).  It […] Read more »

Chunking it at the Maison Bellachonne b&b

A recent Maison Bellachonne guest left behind the February issue of Marie Claire magazine where I read an interesting article ‘7 New Health Tactics that work!”  One of them was about ‘chunking’  No I hadn’t heard of it either, but seemingly it’s the secret behind successful people – Chunking can apparently help you tackle overwhelming projects by taking small steps.  It’s what the French refer to as ‘petit a petit’ – and many a French guest has uttered these immortal words every time I mention the  renovation plans at our lovely chambres d’hotes. So for 2013 I will identify one thing I want to fulfill – pour […] Read more »

A positive start to 2013!

It’s hibernation time in rural France as the weather plummets to below freezing – and all shutters are closed giving Bellac the feel of a ghost town – especially after dark!  But that doesn’t mean we’re any quieter at the Maison Bellachonne chambres d’hotes (or bed and breakfast as we Brits call it) as guests continue to keep on coming even in snowy temperatures – in fact last week we had to put the ‘Complet’ sign up and even turned potential guests away.  So, why are people coming to the Limousin in mid-Winter?  It’s something I’m asked a lot – but […] Read more »

Pas de pain, pas de vin!

It’s New Year resolution time at the Maison Bellachonne – and over the last three years I’ve come to realise that two of the best things about living in France – for most people – are unfortunately two of the worst things – pour moi!    Sadly french baguettes and wine have become a weighty issue for me.  But what’s a femme charmante to do?  Every morning the aroma of fresh baguettes & croissants from our local boulangerie in the Rue Thiers wafts through the Maison B.  And, of course, the French guests, are very disciplined & only take a […] Read more »

My first blog ever

This is my first blog post ever, and I am very happy.  It’s just taken me 3 years & 4 months to get the website we always wanted for the Maison B – but we’ve been soooo busy with all our lovely guests, we never had the time  and, it was  like changing the wheels on a moving train.  But we’ve done it – at last! Gone is the old site which was like a stagnant puddle (let’s face it) – now we’ve got our very own booking button so guests can book directly with us and we’re social media-savvy.  What with […] Read more »