Changing rooms at the Maison Bellachonne

bed1dIt’s been a busy old month here at the Maison Bellachonne – and I don’t just mean with guests – our room renovations have ran way over our expected schedule – so we had our own version of ‘Changing Rooms’ – ( you remember the BBC programme with Carole Smiley & Laurence what’s his name).  Well. with just 30 mins to go before our guests arrived, we had managed to put together a (very stylish!) flat-packed wardrobe, made up the bed (complete with plumped-up cushion from the Kylie Minogue interiors range), put up a curtain rail and cleared the room of all the diy bits n pieces and power tools – before opening the door and show-casing the room as a creamy-white haven of uber-chic calm (ok,  I got a bit carried away – but the whole renovation experience has made me a bit delirious).

But I believe it has all been worth it – as the room has definitely got the Wow factor!  Already our lovely guests are thinking I’m an Interior Designer – what moi? Maybe my passion for homes magazines is paying off – since I’ve been’ bien installée’ in France over the past 3 years, I’ve become an avid reader of ‘Art & Décoration’ – the French equivalent of Homes & Gardens – a veritable delight of  chateau chic rooms and clean contemporary lines – (in fact I’ve taken out a subscription – don’t tell John, my other half!).

And it also means – hoorah! – we are seeing the final vestiges of the previous owner’s 1980’s (bad)  taste – pine cladding now discarded at the dechetterie and useless trinkets & cheap accessories – all to be sold off for 1e at the first Bellac vide grenier of 2013  this Sunday  at the Parc Charles Sylvestre in the town centre. And surely, the topic of my next Blog?