Renovation time chez nous

View of old walkway top floor Maison BellachonneWe’ve got the builders in at the Maison Bellachonne as part of our ongoing plans to renovate and improve the house for ourselves as a family and for our guests too.  So we’re creating a new bedroom ensuite on the top floor – ideal for business people/singles/one night stay guests.  This has also enabled us to create more space in the Cream Room (directly below) which means – at last! – we are able to remove the old lambri (pine-cladding) – previous owner’s bad taste I hasten to add, and transform it into the chic & classy room it was always  meant to be.

This extra top-floor room will enable us to take the 1st floor green bedroom out of commission and convert to a  Lounge – meaning that  we can open up the adjoining door to the Dining Room – ideal for  family use and also for guests who have dinner then want to continue their socialising over  coffee.

Phew, hope you have  followed all that! – as it makes me dizzy just View of renovations at Maison Bellachonnethinking about what still has to be done…(more trips to Monsieur Bricolage for one thing) and with Easter fast approaching, i.e the start of the season for us…maybe I should be brandishing a paintbrush instead of  blogging or tweeting right now!

But, of course, there’s nothing like deadlines looming to get things done – having worked on weekly magazines for a large part of my working life -it does focus the mind  – so I’ve blocked out bookings in the cream room until the start of the Easter weekend – and we have until 29th March to get everything looking, well…. just parfait!

Watch this space!