Spring into Summer

The two Johns! 005We’re now at the end of May and le temps pourris (the weather’s rubbish!) is a familiar cry around town as the French moan the terminal grey skies and non-stop rain – dont just think it’s us Brits who go on about the weather…the French are just as weather-obsessed – if not more so – as they feel hot, sunny days are their birthright. But coming from Glasgow (as I do) I used to think that having a summer wardrobe meant taking off your cardi!  But this year we seem to have bypassed Spring altogether but I’ve just checked the Meteo and it does look like this national gloom is set to lift with sunny temps forecast from 1st June!

So sunny days ahead for the vide grenier season – when the French dig out all their old household junk – now shabby chic – from years gone by in the hope of making a few euros .  It’s one of the things I love about this part of rural France as everything seems to be retro here as they never changed it in the first place – so you can pick up an art deco light for the price of a cafe latte in North London or a 50s bakelite clock for 3e – as we did last Sunday at nearby Chateauponsac.

One of our best finds – so far – is an original oil painting on canvas – anything with flowers instantly gets my attention and  I spotted this white & blue floral chrysanthemum painting amongst a pile of old frames.  When the seller asked for just 10e I tried not to show my amazement – it was an original Aimé Vallat – local artist (now deceased) whose works now command around 500e!!

It now has pride of place in our lovely salle a manger – and is admired by all our guests from around the world. And I can’t wait to see what treasures I can find this year – watch this space!