Renovation time chez nous

We’ve got the builders in at the Maison Bellachonne as part of our ongoing plans to renovate and improve the house for ourselves as a family and for our guests too.  So we’re creating a new bedroom ensuite on the top floor – ideal for business people/singles/one night stay guests.  This has also enabled us to create more space in the Cream Room (directly below) which means – at last! – we are able to remove the old lambri (pine-cladding) – previous owner’s bad taste I hasten to add, and transform it into the chic & classy room it was always  meant to […] Read more »

Saying ‘oui’ to wi-fi

Gone are the days when guests come to simply relax chez nous at our lovely chambres d’hotes in Bellac – often the first thing we are asked, as new arrivals come through the door is:  “Do you have wi-fi or how can we get on the internet?” Everyone, it would seem, these days has a smartphone, tablet or laptop – and they want to keep in touch with friends/family/business or maybe just want to plan the rest of their French adventure online.  But,  n’inquietez plus…..Maison Bellachonne is now a wi-fi hotspot (or hotspot gratuit) – rural France comes into the 21st century! […] Read more »