NEW for 2015 – Viewing service

We know how time-consuming it can be to find your dream French house – and when you get here it can be a big disappointment as the details didn’t show the pig farm next door or the dual-carriageway just minutes away! It also can be costly taking time off work, air fares, hire car, accommodation/meals – only to find you have had a wasted journey and you don’t have any time left to view any more properties.

•You email us with the details of the property and the agent/keyholder
•You inform us of your requirements of your new home – whether you’re looking for a complete renovation project or a finished project or wish to operate a business from the property.
We will then send you a detailed questionnaire to find out your more specific requirements as to what exactly you are looking for in your new French home (and what specifically you don’t want).
•We will contact the agent/keyholder and make an appointment to view the property on your behalf. If there are three or four properties in the same area, we will attempt to see them on the same day to bring the cost down.
•We view the property objectively – checking out all the good and bad points and making sure it ticks the boxes according to your list of requirements.
•We will look for things like: ◦how much light comes into the house? Access roads/neighbouring properties etc.
◦The size of the rooms, bathrooms and toilet facilities, how the house is heated, are there any signs of damp etc.

•There are a number of tests that may be necessary (electricity test, termite test and energy performance certificate as well as a report on the conformity of the septic tank – unless the house is on mains drainage) we will check these are available if appropriate.
•We will take more external & internal photographs and of course, anything that has been omitted from the internet details. eg. Unfinished work, damp, right of way on land, neighbouring properties, etc.
•We check out the surroundings and the immediate area of the house. Take photos of the hamlet or village or town in which it is situated.

We will find out how long it has been on the market, why the owners wish to sell and what their situation is (ie will they accept an offer or is it an urgent sale.)
•After the viewing we will email you with a detailed report and photos as discussed above. You can phone us to discuss the property if you would like further information.
•You then decide if it is right for you.
•If you would like to follow up the viewing, we can accommodate you in our Chambres d’Hotes. (
•If you decide to buy we can advise on a local notaire to consult.

For this service we will charge you 150€ per average sized property (non-refundable) within a 5km radius of Bellac payable in advance of each viewing.  A mileage charge will be made for properties outwith our area. If the property is very large i.e a gite complex or chateau, there will be an increased fee. There can be discounts for multi-viewings in the same area as long as they can be viewed in the same day. All fees will be agreed with you in advance – so there are no hidden extras.

We are not estate agents, builders, plumbers, surveyors, or electricians, we are solely viewing a property on your behalf to try and ensure that you do not make unnecessary journeys to view unsuitable properties. Any professional reports on the property can be obtained at a later date. At the initial viewing it is not necessary.

Disclaimer: We will provide the information on each property viewed based on our subjective evaluation but we take no responsibility for the suitability or condition of each property – we recommend professional advice.